Abe Abrahamson

Special guest

Abe Abrahamson served in the United States Marine Corps from 1989-94 and then continued to serve in the Idaho Army National Guard and as a Military Technician. He has worked as a Mechanic and a Wildland Firefighter on an Initial Attack Fires Crew. Now he owns his own successful auto repair store in Twin Falls Idaho which was recognized by Senator Jim Risch as one of Idaho’s Veteran owned businesses. His family are all members of the American Legion Family, Robin his wife is the legislative chairman for the Auxiliary.

Abe Abrahamson is a 31-year Legion member and is currently the Idaho American Legion Department Adjutant. He has served in many leadership and mentorship roles both in Idaho and at the national level of the organization, as well as recieved recognition for his many accomplishments, including 2019 National Recruiter of the year, 2019 State Commander of the year, 2015-2020 Gold brigade recruiter and Idaho recruiter of the year .

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