Ashlee Leppert

Special guest

“Heroes are defined more by what they overcome than what they have accomplished”

Ashlee Leppert served for 14 years in the U.S. Coast Guard as an avionics electrical technician and flight mechanic instructor. She flew hundreds of missions, rescuing over 100 people throughout her career. She also trained over 60 basic aircrewman and flight mechanics.

In 2018, Ashlee was honored with a personal invitation to the State of the Union Address, where President Trump addressed her directly during his speech and commended for the rescue work she and her crew performed during the devastation of Hurricane Harvey.

Ashlee has also received 16 medals and awards throughout her career, including the prestigious Air Medal, two Achievement Medals

In 2019, Ashlee was medically retired due to a diagnosis of Myasthenia Gravis.

Ashlee has overcome hardships and met challenges with grace under the guidance of God, and has come away with valuable lessons to share. Life’s challenges have taught her to be not just a survivor, but someone who thrives. She has recounted her experiences in her memoir, "The Hurricane Within."

Ashlee also shares her life lessons, zest for life, and Faith through mentorship and public speaking engagements.

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