Backpacks For Life

Special guest

Brett Dalessandro and Alexa Modero are the founders of Backpacks For Life. Their mission is to provide a unique and personalized support system for homeless and at-risk veterans who are struggling to reintegrate into civilian life. We equip Veterans with the right tools and solutions, to seamlessly and confidently reintegrate into society and thrive. Through our two main programs, Backpack Distribution & Mentorship, we are able to effectively support and empower our Veterans, reigniting the flame to live and succeed inside of them. Backpacks For Life regularly distributes backpacks to homeless veterans nationwide filled with toiletries, supplies & resource information. To date, over 7,500 backpacks have been distributed to Veterans in 21 states. Each backpack serves not only as a mobile home but as a symbol of hope and means of connecting with Veterans.

As part of our mentorship program, Backpacks For Life recently launched ROGER, a search platform for the New Jersey Veteran community. ROGER allows Veterans and their family members to search for programs, resources and care by a variety of factors such as zip code, branch of services, discharge status and income. With these customizable search features, Veterans will see only the programs that they qualify for. This helps mitigate time wasted for not only Veterans searching for programs that fit their needs but also the service providers to ensure the Veteran is a good fit for their services. Visit to learn more.

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