Bryan Adams

Special guest

Bryan Adams served with the Army 1st Infantry Division between 2002 and 2005, including a deployment to Tikrit, Iraq, as a member of his battalion's sniper team. During his deployment, Adams was shot twice during an ambush, but completed his rehabilitation in Iraq and eventually returned to his battalion for the remainder of his deployment.

When he returned from deployment and separated from the Army, Adams attended Rutgers University, where he became the first Pat Tillman Foundation Scholar on that campus and in the state of New Jersey, successfully advocated for the establisment of veterans support services progams at Rutgers, and was hired by the university upon graduation.

Adams currently serves as the Assistant Director in the Rutgers University Office of Veteran and Military Programs and Services. In that capacity, he is the main point-of-contact for veteran, military, and eligible family members in navigating services within Rutgers University, and for prospective students.

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