Dale King

Special guest

Dale is a nationally recognized speaker, entrepreneur, veteran, and CrossFit coach. He has appeared in major media outlets such as NBC's Today Show, Fox & Friends, the New York Times, the Boston Globe and the Kelly Clarkson Show.

After serving in the US Army, he returned home in Portsmouth Ohio to open PSKC CrossFit in 2010 in order to build a stronger community that had been ravaged by a depressed economy and opioid addiction.

From there, he and Renee Wallace would later open Doc Spartan, an all natural grooming and skincare company in 2015. Doc Spartan made its way to ABC’s Shark Tank eventually landing a deal with Robert Herjavec. A year after airing, Robert named Doc Spartan one of his best deals in the history of the show.

In 2018, Dale and the staff at PSKC partnered with The Counseling Center to pioneer an experimental program that incorporates CrossFit as a force multiplier to addiction treatment.

After working with people in recovery, he saw the difficulty people face seeking employment while in the early stages of recovery. After witnessing this, he made the decision to employ as many people as possible at his companies.

Dale is a member of American Legion Post 23 in Portsmouth, Ohio

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