Dan Jarvis

Special guest

Dan deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan as a combat infantryman. He led squads in both deployments. In Iraq (2006) Dan would see heavy combat and be forced to take the life of a 15 year old boy that attacked his patrol base with an RPG.

In Afghanistan (2011) Dan stepped on a pressure plate, detonating an Improvised explosive device (IED) in late July 2011 leaving him with a traumatic brain injury (TBI). Eight members of Dan’s squad received Purple Hearts to include himself from injuries sustained in combat. One member of his platoon died of injuries, Doug Cordo. Dan struggled with survivor guilt and Post Traumatic Stress (PTS).

At the end of Dan’s deployment he received a Red Cross notification, he lost his mother to a massive heart attack. Upon returning to Ft. Wainwright in Alaska Dan isolated and self medicated with alcohol. On March 02, 2013 Dan made a decision to end his own life.

Two things prevented this at that time, in the evening Dan heard the kid’s running in the apartment above which took him out of that suicidal state. The next morning the second event would shake up his world. It was the suicide of Corey Smathers. Corey saved Dan’s life by taking his own life.

After being medically retired on 9/11/2014 Dan would work in Law Enforcement in Central Florida for two additional years, totaling 7 years of combined law enforcement.

After leaving law enforcement he would look for PTSD and depression solutions not only for himself but eventually share them with his community of veterans and first responders.

Dan explored the VA with zero results and many let downs.

Dan started 22ZERO on April 15, 2018 and lead the organization for 5 years until April 15, 2023 when he stepped down from an active role in the organization to focus on his own well being and a new entity created by Nick Davis and himself called Anxiety Guys. This company is designed for civilians and corporations.

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