Ivan A. Houston

Special guest

Ivan Abbot Houston, who was a design engineer and test driver of the Bradley Fighting Vehicle, MLRS and Humvee Military Vehicle, comes from a family with a rich military history.

His great-great grandfather, B.F. Talbot served in the Civil War with the 5th Colored Regiment, His grandfather, Norman Houston, was a Buffalo Soldier who served with the 92nd Division in France during World War I, and his father, Ivan James Houston, was a Buffalo Soldier who served during World War II with 92nd Division as they liberated Tuscan villages in Italy.

Ivan James wrote two books and made a documentary film about his experiences during and after the war. Since his death in 2020, Ivan Abbot has continued to share his father’s story, the legacy of his military experience and the continued gratitude shown to him by the Italian families who the Buffalo Soldiers liberated.

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