John Renken

Special guest

John Renken is a former U.S. Army Ranger, former professional MMA fighter, the founder of several churches, and a successful entrepreneur with a proven track record of leadership and sales.

A self-proclaimed “scrapper” since childhood, John is inspired by physical challenges and a strong competitive spirit. At age 15, he began training in Martial Arts and would later compete in 70 professional fights.

John enlisted as an infantryman in 1993, and later became an Army Ranger, where he developed leadership skills to compliment his existing warrior mindset. 

In his teens, John was introduced to witchcraft and eventually moved into Satanism. While in the Army John was introduced to Christianity by his squad leader and gave his life to Christ 2 days before leaving for Ranger School. In 1995 John made the decision to leave the Army and pursue a call to preaching. He graduated from Bible College in 2000 and he moved to Ft. Campbell, Ky where he planted a church.

After leaving the military, John resumed his MMA career. With over 60 pro fights, John was a pioneer in Mixed Martial Arts. He won 6 World Titles, was voted the King of Leg Locks, and had the KO of the Year in the world in 2008. John was inducted into the MMA Hall of Fame.  John's MMA background led him to the opportunity to provide training for Army Special Forces. The first civilian certified by the Army to train soldiers, his influence is still seen in training that all soldiers experience today.

John is also an avid entrepreneur.

He is owner of online travel booking engine Travel Mavericks, the owner of Southwestern Consulting where he provides coaching for sales professionals and the CEO of Sales Platoon, a company focused on connecting active duty servicemembers to civilian sales careers.

John is a single father of four, and he enjoys traveling the world with Samuel, Aidan, Eleasa and Collin.

“The biggest adventure you can ever take is to live the life of your dreams.” – John Renken

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