Ken Corigliano

Special guest

“Air Force” Ken Corigliano, who was among the first troops in Afghanistan in 2001, is a professional athlete in multiple endurance sports and the author of a book called “State of Being.”

Lt. Col. Corigliano, who enlisted as a crew chief on an MC-130E and deployed to Uzbekistan in 2002, received a field commission to attend college and commission as an officer.

Before his deployment, the elite athlete he was on an Olympic training ride on his bike when he was hit by a car. The near-death experience resulted in a traumatic brain injury and a rare sensory ailment known as synesthesia, which rewired his senses in a way that allows him to experience the world around him with multiple senses, enabling him to see relationships among objects in three and four dimensions.

Corigliano is a former NETFLIX Beastmaster Champion, has competed in 18 national and world championships and is one of the most decorated military athletes in history. He has recently been accepted for the 2023 American Ninja Warrior competition.

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