Kerri Jeter

Special guest

Kerri served as Ms. Veteran America 2015, which showcases the woman beyond the uniform and since has been advocating for Women Veterans. 

Kerri is the founder of Freedom Sisters media, where she combines skills she learned in the Army with her passion to amplify women veterans. The only job Kerri has loved more than her military service is her role as a mother.  She loves her kids and uses her work with Freedom Sisters Media to show them that hard work can pay off and dreams can come true.  

Kerri has the best husband in the world and enjoys their wild adventures from farming to raising babies together. The unique bond of serving this country together and having a strong faith is the foundation that helps them challenge and reform the status quo to leave an impact in the greater veteran community.

MOST importantly,  Kerri is a Jesus-lover and knows first-hand the radical transformation that His love can do to heal a broken woman.  He lavished His love on us and Kerri is committed to helping other women experience true freedom.

Kerri is a member of American Legion Post 69 in Tenino, Wash.

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