Kim Campbell

Special guest

Kim “KC” Campbell has served in the Air Force for 24 years as a fighter pilot and senior military leader. She has flown 1,800 hours in the A-10 Warthog, including more than 100 combat missions protecting troops on the ground in both Iraq and Afghanistan.

She is a distinguished graduate from the United States Air Force Academy, has an MBA from the University of London and a MA in International Security Studies from the University of Reading in England.

Kim also served as the Military Assistant to the Under Secretary of Defense for Policy, advising the number three official in the Office of the Secretary of Defense on national security and defense policy formulation. She was the Air Force Senior Fellow at the Atlantic Council and most recently served as the Director, Center for Character and Leadership Development at the Air Force Academy.

In 2003, Kim was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross after successfully recovering her battle-damaged airplane after an intense close air support mission in Baghdad. She is married to Scott Campbell and has two sons.

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