Kristen Christy

Special guest

Kristen Christy, America’s Resilience Coach, is an award-winning, best-selling author and dynamic international speaker and trainer with over 125 trips and 250 presentations since sharing her story in 2018. She is deeply embedded in all aspects of the military community and is considered a Civic Leader in the Department of Defense. Her exceptional worldwide contributions to the field of resilience have been recognized with numerous awards, including the 2018 Armed Forces Insurance Air Force Spouse of the Year, a 2019 Top 30 Women Military Influencer, a 2020 Remarkable Woman finalist, and a 2021 Force for Change National Award winner.

Kristen co-founded the National Veterans Vocational Village (NV3) Foundation, a 501(c)3 organization creating a self-sustaining vocational training center and residential village. NV3 will provide a sense of community and esprit de corps, building life-saving and lasting connections for veterans and their families. The foundation has developed the only FAA-approved device to teach paraplegic veterans to fly a helicopter, a significant achievement.

Kristen is a
• Co-creator of the 988 Suicide Prevention Lifeline
• Creator of National Resilience Day (March 4th)
• Producer of the veteran documentary "Saving 22"
• Honorary Commander at the US Air Force Academy
• Member of DAF's Fortify the Forces Initiative Team
• Member of Air and Space Force Association's Forces and Family (F2) Task Force
• Member of the Military Spouse Career Coalition

Kristen is an Air Force & Army Master Resilience Trainer. She has helped many people overcome their disappointments, insecurities, and adversities.

Kristen is married to TSgt Sean Lange (TR/USAFR), the Key Spouse for the 53d NOS at Peterson SFB, CO, and Mom to Ryan and Ben. She is a proud University of Texas at Austin graduate and earned an MBA from Colorado Technical University.

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