Lydiah Owiti

Special guest

Lydia Owiti is a foreign-born military spouse who has turned her experience facing a unique set of challenges into a dedicated effort to advocate and raise awareness of issues facing military families of color. Her goal is to inform policy and programmatic changes for more inclusion within the military community.

Lydiah is a foreign trained and certified attorney, with master’s degrees in international development management and project management. With over a decade of experience in program/project management and policy advocacy and coalition building, within the corporate, government, and nonprofit sectors, Lydiah has managed special project and programs focused on policy analysis, improving intra- and inter-government trade relations, ensuring internal and legal regulations, increasing operational efficiency, and community engagement. She has great interpersonal, cross-cultural competency from studying and working in and with people from different countries and backgrounds.

A long-time champion for diversity, inclusion and social impact, Lydiah’s greatest desire is to empower others to use their personal experiences, passions, and talents to affect positive change in the world. She aspires to use her skills to have a positive impact within corporate responsibility, government, and nonprofits by working toward empowering communities and military families to thrive by connecting them with resources and programs.

An avid humanitarian at heart, she embodies her favorite quote by Martin Luther King Jr.: “Life’s most persistent and urgent question is: What are you doing for others?”

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