Richard Santos

Special guest

Richard Santos was the national commander of The American Legion on September 11th, 2001.

Shortly after the attacks, he penned a message that still resonates two decades later.

“America continues to heal and it is our responsibility as veterans to tend to the wounds,” he wrote. “Some will panic about the future; we must reassure them. Some will weep over a lost family member or friend; we must hold their hands. Some will be angry; we must temper their rage.”

Past National Commander Santos grew up in Fairhaven, Mass., and joined the U.S. Naval Reserve while at 17, completing basic training during the summer between his junior and senior year of high school. After graduation, he attended the U.S. Naval Traning Center in Bainbridge, Md., and was assigned to the USS Enterprise.

After leaving the military, Santos moved to Greenbelt, Md, where he first worked at Goddard Space Flight Center as a technical librarian, met his wife Linda, and met a member of American Legion at Greenbelt Post 136 who convinced him to join an begin his 53-year Legion career.

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