Rebekah Edmondson

Special guest

Army veteran Rebekah Edmondson first enlisted in the National Guard in 2008 as a weapons technician and later reclassified as a welder for the 150th Maintenance Company in Las Vegas, Nev.

Through the mentorship of her female commanding officer, she graduated Airborne (Parachutist) and Air Assault (Rappelling) schools. Rebekah transferred units in 2010 to assume the role of Master Fitness Trainer for the National Guard Bureau in Arlington, Va. There, she was selected to participate in pilot program that deployed females of all branches of service to Afghanistan in support of the Joint Special Operations Command.

Rebekah completed 4 tours to Afghanistan from 2011 to 2016, where she assumed the role of training Afghan females to serve in a Special Operations Military Unit. This experience shaped her vision for the future in desiring to support disadvantaged groups of people in overcoming unique challenges. Rebekah separated from the Army in 2017 and completed her undergraduate degree at the College of Charleston.

She is currently pursuing a masters degree in Social work from the University of Southern California in efforts to help drive positive change for the experience of veterans after separating from military service. Rebekah still resides in Charleston, S.C. and stays active to support her local community.

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