Robert Douglas

Special guest

Robert Douglas is a retired air traffic controller with the Cleveland, Ohio, enroute air traffic control center.

On the morning of September 11, 2001 his station was responsible for all the air over Ohio and western Pennsylvania, to include United Flight 93, which would eventually be brought down by the passengers in Shanksville, Pa.

As an air traffic controller, Douglas had served in many areas, including Washington, D.C., Davison Army Airfield, and at the Pentagon Army Heliport.

Douglas is originally from Barberton, Ohio and currently lives with his wife in Avon, Ohio. He learned to be an air traffic controller in the Army before leaving active duty and becoming a National Guard Infantryman.

Douglas deployed to Bosnia Herzegovina in 1997 in the first call up of a National Guard Combat Arms unit since Vietnam. There he led an anti-armor team equipped with the Dragon wire-guided missile.

Robert Douglas has been a guest on 2 episodes.