Rye Barcott

Special guest

Rye Barcott is co-founder and CEO of With Honor, a cross-partisan non-profit organization that fights polarization in Congress with principled veteran leadership. He has built his career in service and entrepreneurship by building bridges across often difficult divides.

While serving in the Marine Corps, he co-founded the youth leadership, violence prevention, and public health organization, CFK Africa in the Kibera informal settlement of Nairobi, Kenya. The memoir he wrote for students, “It Happened on the Way to War,” juxtaposes military service in the Marine Corps and social entrepreneurship. Bono called it “a wild ride” and Dartmouth College awarded him an honorary doctorate in humane letters.

After serving in the Marines in Iraq, Bosnia, and the Horn of Africa, Barcott earned his MBA and MPA at Harvard as a Center for Public Leadership Social Entrepreneurship Fellow.

Prior to founding With Honor, he co-founded and led the solar power investment firm Double Time Capital, and served as Special Advisor to the CEO of Duke Energy, where he started and led a clean energy investment group.

Barcott serves on the boards of the CFK Africa, the Global War on Terrorism Memorial Foundation, and the U.S. Institute for Peace. He is also a lifetime American Legion member.

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