Dr. M. David Rudd

Special guest

Dr. David Rudd served for 5 years during the Gulf War as a psychologist for the 2nd Armored Division. He transitioned out of the military after the war and has been conducting clinical research with the military ever since. His research specifically targets treatment of those struggling with suicidal thoughts or making suicide attempts.

Throughout his career, Dr. Rudd has served as president of the Texas Psychological Association, President of the American Association of Suicidology, and as Chair of the Texas Board of Psychologists Examiners.  He's served at all levels of university administration, as a department chair at Baylor and Texas Tech, as a Dean at the University of Utah, and as provost and president at the University of Memphis.

While a Dean at the University of Utah, Dr. Rudd founded the National Center for Veterans Studies, which focused on mental health care and treatment for veterans, specifically those who served in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Dr. Rudd is currently a Distinguished University Professor of Psychology, President Emeritus, and Director of the Rudd Institute for Veteran and Military Suicide Prevention at the University of Memphis. 

His research focusses on the assessment, clinical management and treatment of suicidality, garnering over $28M in funded support, with over 250 publications, more than 15,000 citations, h-index of 62 and an i10-index of 131. 

He is a life member of The American Legion Department of Tennessee.

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