Dr. Laurie Marbas

Special guest

Laurie Marbas, MD, MBA is a double board-certified family medicine and lifestyle medicine physician, who has been utilizing food as medicine since 2012.

She currently holds 50 state medical licenses (plus DC) across the United States. She has a small concierge practice and accepting new patients at drmarbas.com.

She is co-founder of The Healing Kitchen, with Brittany Jaroudi, where a chef and doctor come together in the kitchen to provide a recipe of health. She was a former co-founder of Mora Medical and Plant Based TeleHealth. She instrumental in creating and was the first Managing Editor for the Plantrician Project’s International Journal of Disease Reversal and Prevention. She is also the host of the Dr. Laurie Marbas podcast, whose mission is to provide resources that will empower individuals with the knowledge, mindset, and inspiration to successfully adopt lifestyle interventions and achieve health and wellbeing.

Laurie received her dual degrees (MD and MBA) from Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center School of Medicine and TTU School of Business. She was awarded the Texas Tech University School of Medicine Gold Headed Cane Award, a symbol for excellence in the art of medicine and the care of patients.

She wrote seven books while in medical school, six of which were in a series called “Visual Mnemonics.” These books used cartoons to help people memorize vast amounts of information—a system that helped her personally when she was a mom attending medical school.

As a United States Air Force veteran, she served in the Middle East and South America. She is also a wife, mom of three grown children, author, speaker, and avid hiker and runner.

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