Episode 15

Tango Alpha Lima: Tango on Troubled waters


August 12th, 2020

40 mins 41 secs

Season 1

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About this Episode

CV shares the story of a Navy air traffic controller who assisted a fellow sailor who was found wandering San Diego after enjoying a few too many libations, only to be relentlessly harrassed when the Navy news printed a story about her recieving a Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medal for her good deed with fake, place-holder quotes about the incident. DVIDs corrected the article, but the damage was done and the trolls were out in full force.

Ashley shares news of the Congressional Gold Medal presented to the crew USS Indianapolis and The American Legion resolution that helped make this recognition possible.

Jeff laments the use of refurbished Vietnam-era equipment in Marine Corps training, the likes of which may have caused a AAV training accident off the coast of Southern California.

Rapid Fire
Edible crayons for Marines and the reveal of Jeff's Bumble name: CrayonEater#5, Green Beret Nate Boyer blasts Navy SEAL museum for hosting a demonstration that featured dogs biting a human target wearing a Colin Kaepernick jersey during a 2019 fundraiser, and troops arriving for duty in Japan rile commanders by arranging hookups on dating apps while in quarantine for coronavirus.

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