Ashley Gorbulja

Co-Host of Tango Alpha Lima Podcast

Ashley Gorbulja is a passionate advocate for the military-connected community. With over ten years of dedicated service as a Legion member, she has contributed significantly to local, state, and national advocacy efforts, striving to improve policies and programs for veterans and their families.

In addition to her advocacy, Ashley is a strategic visionary with a wealth of experience in the private, public, and non-profit sectors. She is the Founder & CEO of GuideOn Education Consulting LLC, where she leverages her expertise in strategic communications and marketing to build nationally recognized brands and communities.

Ashley's academic achievements include graduating debt-free with four degrees, including a master’s in public health from the Consortium of Eastern Ohio and bachelor's degrees in The Science of Education and Organizational Supervision from The University of Akron. She completed her master’s in public leadership from the University of San Francisco in 2022.

Ashley's work has been recognized by numerous podcasts, publications, and panels, and she has received accolades from non-profits and state and federal organizations. She inspires others with her mantra: "I Can. I Will. Watch Me," embodying the spirit of resilience and determination in all her endeavors.

Ashley Gorbulja has hosted 178 Episodes.