Episode 42

Tango Alpha Lima: Black History in the Military


February 23rd, 2021

39 mins 6 secs

Season 2

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About this Episode

In honor of Black History Month, Team Tango has collected a group of stories about Black members of the military.

Ashley shares the story of Retired Adm. Cecil Haney, who was one of the first Black four-star admirals in Navy history, serving as the commander of the U.S. Pacific Fleet and the U.S. Strategic Command, where he oversaw nuclear weapons before retiring in 2017.

Jeff shares a historical story of German POWs at a camp in Texas who were shocked by the shoddy treatment of the Black Americans who were their guards and who they worked alongside at local farms.

CV shares the Medal of Honor story of Army Sgt. William H. Carney, who posthumously recieved the honor in 1900 for his actions during the charge of Fort Wagner in Charleston, S.C. during the Civil War.

Rapid Fire
Team Tango is inspired by three stories of Black History being made today by Black servicemembers

  • 2017 U.S. Naval Academy graduate Lt. JG Madeline Swegle who recently became the Navy's first Black female strike pilot
  • Former U.S. Central Command leader Lloyd Austin, who was confirmed as the nation's first Black Defense Secretary
  • 81-year-old retired Army Col. Paris Davis, who may finally recieve a long-delayed Medal of Honor for his actions to save wounded teammates during a gunfight in Vietnam in 1965.

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