Tango Alpha Lima Trailblazing Women Veterans: Col. Allison Black, the "Angel of Death,"


March 20th, 2024

22 mins 2 secs

Season 5

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About this Episode

_In this special series we celebrate Women's History Month and honor the service of women veterans and their contributions to American military history. _

In this episode, we honor U.S. Air Force Col. Allison Black for her historic role as the first female AC-130H Spectre navigator to open fire on enemy targets in combat. Dubbed the "Angel of Death," Black's story exemplifies the courage and resilience of women in the military – especially those in combat roles.

We also recognize the contributions of other women who emerged as trailblazers during the Cold War era, when policies began to change and women increasingly held administrative, technical and medical positions within the military.

Anna May Hays
Eileen Collins
Capt. Della H. Raney
Col. Ruth A. Lucas

Mary Therese Klinker
Adm. Michelle J. Howard
Diane Carlson Evans
Maj. Gen. Marcelite J. Harris

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