Episode 71

Tango Alpha Lima: Guardians Uniforms, Afghanistan (Again!) and Wind Therapy


October 5th, 2021

43 mins 56 secs

Season 2

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About this Episode

Jeff gets pumped about U.S. Space Force Guardians newly unveiled dress uniforms.

CV reluctantly brings us yet another story about Afghanistan as two of the military’s highest-ranking generals telling lawmakers that they did not support the full withdrawal this year.

Ashley shares a story from The American Legion Magazine about the benefits of Wind Therapy.

Marine Lieutenant Colonel who demanded Afghanistan accountability thrown in brig.
Remains of Medal of Honor recipient Rev. Emil Kapaun returned to Kansas 70 years after his death in North Korean POW Camp.
Navy veteran with broken-down scooter becomes TikTok star is flooded with generosity.
Lawmaker on a mission to compel Pentagon to take UFOs seriously.

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